Tasmania Skilled Migration Program

Tasmania Skilled Migration Program
  1. Nomination Priorities

This Program has been growing in the past years as you can see in the following scheme:

Volumes 2020-21: 1100+

Applications: 2200+ with over 850 applications received since 29 January

Quota 2020-21: 2400

Based on current situation this program targets mostly onshore applicants; only a very small offshore component is considered.

It is likely to receive over 3500 total applications based on current projections.

It is recommended to wait as long as you can before seeking nomination, in order to be able to build your skills as much as possible and then apply for nomination.

The longer you have been working in your occupation, the higher you will be located on the occupation list

Priorities for 2020-21

The employments that are considered to be a priority are the following:

  1. Critical employments (health, allied health, technologies, infrastructure, engineering’s technology.) These will be nominated first; you need to work in Tasmania and have a skills assessment.
  2. TSOL related employment and skills assessment/business owners employing skilled workers.
  3. Other skilled employment AZSCO 1-3
  4. Tasmania graduates with really strong prospects (not necessarily currently employed)
  5. All other eligible candidates

They will not use all quota at once, they will allocate it over time so that they can nominate best candidates throughout the year. Candidates in first two categories will be nominated first and then candidates in rest of categories will be nominated depending on how many places they have left.

Skilled migration options

  • Tasmanian graduate (491 and 190)
  • Working in Tasmania (491 and 190)
  • Overseas applicant TSOL (No job offer) (491)
  • Overseas applicant TSOL (Job offer) (491)
  • Family in Tasmania (491)
  • Small business owner (491)
  • Plus high caliber consideration for subclass 190 - (If you can apply for a 491 they will also consider you for 190 if demonstrated high caliber candidate if request and submission received (highly skilled specialist position or rare unique skills in high demand, specialist health/allied health skills, graduates with TSOL related skills/occupation. Possessing any or all of these does not guarantee we will agree select both 491 and 190 in EOI)
  1. Key Changes in Nomination Categories
  1. Tasmanian graduates - 491 and 190

The main requirements to be eligible for 491 and 190 are:

Study on campus at Tasmanian tertiary institution for at least 1 year for 491 or 2 years for 190 - commit to work and live in Tasmania long term - have reasonable prospects for skilled employment in the next two/three years.

Key changes

  • No changes for people already studying except that they except mandatory career plan for those not in skilled employment.
  • Most changes applying for people starting 1 July 2021
    • For 190 must have studied full time on campus in a tertiary institution for 2 years
    • If you have a Cert III and IV to be nominated it must be related to a priority industry training and workforce development.
    • All applicants who hold a student visa at the time they complete their studies must:
      • If the course is directly related to a priority industry training and workforce development, then training does not have to be related to skills, but a relevant skills assessment is strongly encouraged.
      • Be a degree or a diploma

Priority industry training and workforce development

Based on Ministerial Priorities for Training and Workforce Development 2018-2021 they introduced new requirements for people who will start their course in Jul 2021 to try to encourage greater diversity of skills and training in nominated graduates.


These priorities will be updated in July 2021.

-Community services occupation is related to aged and disability.

-Industry experience - does not need to be full-time but at least 20hr per week.

Career Plan

Important part for Tasmanian graduates is the career plan in which they must explain how their studies have increased their ability to find skilled work in Tasmania.

  • Must not be more than a page.
  • A realistic understanding of employment market in Tasmania.
  • Show you have researched local job market in your intended career area and explain how your studies have increased ability to find skilled work in Tasmania.
  • Have you developed any professional networks during study?
  • If you are employed show how this employment is likely to help you settle permanently in Tasmania
  • Any planned/enrolled in further study.
  • Do not restrict your job search only to positions directly related to your study or occupation.
  • Think about your career prospects on the basis of your background, experience and skills, not just the big data.
  • Don’t give employment statistics.

2. Working in Tasmania – 190 (65 points minimum)

This visa is for those who have worked in Tasmania for 6 months full-time (35 hours) prior to application for state nomination

For 190 occupation and employment must be related to TSOL (The government gives you 5 extra points)

For 491 can be outside TSOL and does not have to be related to nominated occupation (The government gives you 15 extra points)

Key Changes

  • For employment commenced after 29 Jan 2021 AZSCO 4 and 5 positions only eligible in limited circumstances:
    • Employment is ongoing for at least 6 months AND
    • There are reasonable career prospects
    • Employment must be located at least 50km from a population centre and
      • There is a genuine and demonstrated severe labour recruitment difficulty [check out fact sheet on website for details on documents required to demonstrate this, don’t provide the old DIPB Labour Market Testing Form]; AND
      • The job is associated with aged care and individual support; AND
  • TSOL has been updated for 190 subclass
    • If occupation has been removed they will consider only high caliber candidates particularly if occupation was previously listed and you started work while it was still on the list
  • Minimum 12 months contract with at least 3 months remaining (may be casual)
  • IMPORTANT: If you have already started work before 29 Jan there are transitional arrangements - previous requirements apply but pay and conditions must be in line with new same to those that would be received by an Australia PR or citizen (usual evidence that we attach for 482 such as remuneration service, job outlook info, advertisements, reference to industrial award or enterprise agreement

 3. Overseas Applicants TSOL (no Job Offer)

For people who are overseas and do not have a job offer but their nominated occupation is on TSOL. Must demonstrate that their contribution to Tasmania is valuable

Key changes: Not much focus this year on this because of cover but may have greater focus next year, major focus on people already in Australia while travel restrictions last.

4. Overseas Applicants TSOL (Job Offer) - Key changes: Full-time job offer for job in Tasmania must be in nominated occupations.

5. Family in Tasmania - for people with close family member living in Tasmania. Key changes: should be living outside Tasmania, if living in Tasmania should apply through other streams.

  • Small business owner - 491 for established and operating business successfully in Tasmania for at least 6 months. Key changes: must show understanding of the responsibilities and requirements around treating employees right.
  1. Tips and Traps
  • Bank statements must cover full period of residence in Tasmania and show activity.
  • Don’t just make a claim - provide evidence.
  • Give spouse and family member information.
  • Monitor expiry of key documents - nomination will not be approved if documents have expired.
  • Try to see document attachments under 20 and combine similar documents.
  • Don’t supply reams of irrelevant documents.
  • All employment must be paid lawfully not just at minimum wage level.
  • No tolerance for fraud - even after nomination has been approved, it can be withdrawn if fraud is discovered.

Resources for studies and careers.

Myskills (for finding course providers)

Study Assist (to compare tertiary courses and providers)

Job Jumpstart (to compare tertiary courses and providers)

Migration Tasmania website

For more information visit


For any additional information on how to migrate to Tasmania please contact Comandini Migration Services on comandinimigration@gmail.com or 0499600707.

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