Comandini Migration is proud to introduce its latest collaboration with Bellissimo Lawyers.

Comandini Migration is proud to introduce its latest collaboration with Bellissimo Lawyers.

If you have been injured, there are certain legal requirements and procedures that need to be followed that will allow you to receive compensation.

Bellissimo Lawyers are accredited Personal Injury Specialists, located in the heart of Sydney CBD. We can advise you of your rights. With experience of over 21 years, we understand your needs and we take special care with each individual matter.We will ensure you are compensated and charged fairly, with a no win - no fee basis.

Frank Bellissimo is also part of the Law Society of NSW Injury Compensation Committee and is a voice to victims of all compensable accidents in NSW.

Motor Vehicle Accidents can result in minor and major injuries, which you may be compensated for.

The laws are different to people injured before 1 December 2017, and are now with strict time limitations to submit a claim and are also subject to restrictions depending on whether or not you have suffered from what the law deems to be a minor injury. You may have rights for the insurer to fund your medical and treatment expenses, weekly salary and pay while you are off work and have care that you need provided to you.

Work-related Injuries include mental and physical injuries sustained whilst at a workplace. Whether you’re working in an office, a factory or a farm, you may have rights to be compensated. This can include weekly income, payment of medical expenses including physiotherapy and surgery, lump sum damages and if you are no longer able to work you may be entitled to more significant damage that will assist you into the future.

Injury in the public domain can include any trip, slip or a fall resulting in an injury at a place such as a pub, club, supermarket or shopping centre. If you are suffering from medical issues because of an accident of this kind, you could have rights to compensation.

Medical Negligence includes injuries or worsening of injuries sustained because of a medical practitioner (such as a doctor or a dentist), who had failed to treat you with reasonable skill and care. You may have rights to prosecute a claim as against medical practitioners and hospitals for the injuries, pain and suffering, medical expenses and care that you need as a result.

We will stand up for your rights.

We are proud of our results because we take special care with each individual matter. If we take on your matter, we will act for you on a no win, no fee basis.

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