Jae Lee

Jae Lee

Immigration Lawyer no. 5007281

Welcome to Comandini Migration Services! I'm Jae Lee, your immigration lawyer.

Born in South Korea, my life journey led me through a beautiful cultural fusion, as marrying a Japanese woman transformed my family into a blend of Korean and Japanese heritages. Having lived in Japan for several years and subsequently immigrating to Australia, where I have resided for more than 10 years, I've personally navigated the complex paths of cross-cultural integration. These experiences deeply resonate with many of our clients and have equipped me with firsthand insights that are invaluable in managing diverse immigration cases.

I earned my law degree from La Trobe University in Melbourne and completed my practical legal training at the Leo Cussen Centre for Law. I obtained my practice certificate in March 2022 from the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Fluent in both Korean and Japanese, my background enables me to effectively serve our diverse clients with unique insights and capabilities.

My career began in a general practice law firm, but it was my personal experiences as a first-generation immigrant that ignited my passion for immigration law. Now, at Comandini Migration Services, I am dedicated to leveraging both my personal and professional experiences to guide you through the complexities of immigration.

Thank you for entrusting me with your journey. Together, we will navigate the immigration process to secure a promising future for you and your family in Australia.