Herlina Kamili

Herlina Kamili


Herlina was admitted as a legal practitioner to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2019.


She grew up in Jakarta and completed her Bachelor of Law from Tarumanagara University in 1998. Herlina came to Sydney in 1999 and completed her Master of Law from UNSW in 2000 and Master of Business Administration from UTS in 2001. In addition, she completed her Master Kenotariatan from University of Indonesia in 2004. Herlina has obtained her Diploma in Law from Legal Profession Admission Board in 2019.


Having migrated from Indonesia to Australia, Herlina has firsthand experience of the migration process which eventually developed into a keen interest in immigration law. She has number of years working experience in Australia Immigration Law both in Singapore and Australia. She is passionate about assisting clients who would like to one day call Australia their home.


Herlina speaks fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia