Important changes for the skill assessment with TRA

Important changes for the skill assessment with TRA

Great news for all those who have to do a Skill Assessment with Trades Recognition Australia, the assessing authority of a wide range of trade occupations, which include, among others, hairdressers, chefs, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, etc.

The lists of occupations - Skilled Occupations List (SOL) - assessed by the TRA is available on the website of the Department of Immigration.

Having a positive skill assessment with TRA is a mandatory step for several permanent visas, including Skilled Visas 189, 190 and 491 and sponsorship visas, including 186 Direct Entry and 494.

What's new?

The reform essentially concerns the evaluation of work experience. Previously, TRA used to take into consideration only post-qualification experience. To get a positive skill assessment with TRA the applicant needed either:

  • 3 years of professional experience post-qualification, or
  • 6 years of professional experience + qualification (completed any time)

From now on, it is possible to get a skill assessment with 3 years of work experience, regardless of when the qualification was completed.

In detail:

  • You must prove to have 3 years of full-time or equivalent paid part-time work experience. The work experience must be directly relevant to your occupation and can be completed at any point in your employment history. The work experience can therefore be before, during or after the qualification.
  • At least 12 months of paid work experience in the designated profession must have taken place in the three years that precede the skill assessment.

Another great change is that under the new guidelines TRA no longer has separate requirements depending on how the qualification was obtained. RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) qualifications are still accepted and an applicant now needs to only demonstrate 3 years of employment (including currency) and this can be gained before and/or after the qualification.

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  1. How do i start application for unskilled sponsorship visa.Am a graduate of General Psychology with no job experience

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