Here we are, over a week after the 1st of July and despite many sleepless nights for migration agents...

Here we are, over a week after the 1st of July and despite many sleepless nights for migration agents...

... lawyers and working migrants in Australia leading up to that date, the Temporary Activity Visa (408) Australia Government Endorsed Event (COVID-19 Pandemic) is still available to be applied for.

While many of the changes promised for the 1st of July have come into effect such as reduced working rights for student visas (only 24 hours a week) and not requiring LMT evidence for sponsored visa applicants with a UK passport, the 408 COVID-19 visa has yet to be repealed.

Comandini Migration Services can confirm, having contacted the Department of Home Affairs, that all the information displayed on their website concerning the Temporary Activity (408) COVID Visa is still up to date and in effect. This visa can provide working rights for any industry if you are already employed or if you have an employment offer; however you must already be in Australia and hold a substantive working visa with less than 90 days left.

Despite media speculation about the Australian government being poised to repeal the visa on this date, no announcement from the department has been made of when this visa will cease to be offered. Some suspect that until the aged care worker crisis is further ameliorated, this visa will continue to have a critical place in Australia’s migration policies until at least the end of the year when unrestricted working rights in this critical industry are expected to be rolled back.

Given the great success and reliance the Australian workforce has had and continues to have on the COVID-19 visa it is highly unlikely it will be removed before giving migration firms and agencies plenty of warning to adjust.

Regardless, if you are currently in Australia on a working visa (this being a visa with working rights, such as a student visa) and you have less than 90 days left on your current visa and you want to prolong your stay in Australia it is recommended you apply for this visa as soon as practicable.

This is a free visa to apply for and, considering the change to working rights for student visa holders, is an extremely practical way of being able to increase the number of hours you can work in a week.

Keep in mind however that the COVID-19 visa is processed extremely quickly, usually between a day and a week after the application is filed. If you apply for this visa and are successful then this visa will supersede whatever visa you currently have.

If you are interested in the temporary activity 408 - COVID-19 visa and have more questions or if you want to avail professional legal services for your migration needs whether it be a skills assessment, visa application or citizenship application for Australia please contact Comandini Migration Services at comandinimigration@gmail.com.

All information in this article is relevant as of the 14th of July 2023. If you want to keep up to date with regulation, legislation and policy changes for Australian migration law you should regularly check the Department of Home Affairs updates page.

Please note that the information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice nor a proper substitute for qualified legal counsel. No one should rely on the information contained within this article as a basis for a visa application.

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