Full Skills Assessment with ANMAC

<strong>Full Skills Assessment with ANMAC</strong>

Today we are talking about a Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) pathway with the Australian Nurses and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) known as the Full Skills Assessment.

This pathway is for people who hold a nursing bachelor's qualification, professional registration and have work experience as a nurse in the following countries:

  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Hong Kong
  • The UK
  • The USA

Or for people who hold a midwifery bachelor's qualification, professional registration and have work experience as a midwife in the following countries:

  • Ireland
  • The UK
  • The USA

In order to be eligible for this skills assessment you are required to hold a bachelors in nursing or midwifery from the eligible country as well as work experience and professional registration with the nursing or midwifery board of the same country.

The Criteria for a successful MSA with ANMAC

A skills assessment with ANMAC is one of the longer and more complex MSAs out there. It breaks down into three different streams depending upon your professional registration. Fortunately the assessment criteria for passing the MSA largely remains the same and can be broken down to five categories;

  1. Proof of Identity
    1. The applicant can establish that they are the person on which the skills assessment will be conducted.
    1. Passport, Change of Name documents, quality photo from the last 6 months.
  2. English Language Proficiency
    1. Must demonstrate required minimum scores in at least one of the following English tests within the past 2 years; IELTS, OET for Nurses, PTE, TOEFL iBT.
  3. Educational Equivalence
    1. The applicant can demonstrate meeting current Australian nursing and midwifery educational standards. 
    1. Graduation certificates and transcripts from all nursing and/or midwifery qualifications obtain in Australia and overseas
  4. Professional practice
    1. The applicant can demonstrate practicing as a nurse or midwife in the 5 years preceding their application date.
    1. Registration verification from all jurisdictions that you have been registered as a nurse and/or midwife.
    1. Professional references are required and these employers may be contacted for verification
    1. Require to prove either;
      1. A minimum of three months paid work within the last 5 years
      1. If you require an assessment for an occupation other than 254499 -  Registered Nurse NEC you will need to submit a professional reference that supports a minimum of three months paid work experience as a nurse in the nominated area within the last 5 years.
    1. Full skills assessment applicants must also provide a university transcript that contains a breakdown of the theoretical and practical hours completed. 
  5. Fitness to practice
    1. The applicant can demonstrate that they are fit to practice without restrictions.
    1. A verification of registration or certificate of good standing letter from the organisation responsible for registering nurses and wives in the applicant's country or jurisdiction of work experience.
    1. ANMAC does not require verification registration from Ahpra (relevant to the Full Skills Assessment)

Please note, if you are deemed unsuitable for skilled migration you will receive an explanation as to why this determination was made. You can apply to be assessed again two years from the date stated in your ANMAC-issued letter of determination.

ANMAC cannot provide advice on what you need to do to become suitable.

Full Skills Assessment

  • Nurse - Must hold a minimum Bachelor of Nursing qualification from Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States AND hold registration as a registered nurse in that same country.
  • Midwife -  Must hold a minimum Bachelor of Midwifery qualification from Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States AND hold registration as a registered midwife.
  • Please note, enrolled nurses do not qualify for this skills assessment.

For qualified and registered applicants from Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, the UK and the USA.

Please note that Nurses from Hong Kong and Canada qualify for this pathway however midwives do not and will have to go through the Modified PLUS Skills Assessment pathway.

Compiling Documents

It is advisable to collect all your documents early and have good scans of them ready to be uploaded. Documents you will be required to upload include:

  • Notice of in-principle approval of registration subject to proof of identity
  • Information pages of your passport
  • Change of name documents
  • An official passport-sized photograph taken in the last 6 months
  • Graduation completion certificate and transcript - transcript must include commencement and completion dates.
  • Professional references that support your work as a paid nurse or midwife
  • Where necessary registration verification for claimed overseas work experience
  • If a migration agent or lawyer is completing your skills assessment they will have to submit an Agent Declaration form, available on the ANMAC website.

Overseas Work Experience

Where you need ANMAC to assess and report on overseas paid work you will have to arrange for professional registration verification to be emailed to verification@anmac.org.au by the nurses/midwives registration board of the country you’re claiming the work experience from. It can also be posted directly to ANMAC.

  • For a Full Skills Assessment you are required to prove 3 total months of paid work experience from within the past 5 years.
  • Where you are applying for an ANZSCO code other than 254499 - Registered Nurse NEC you will also have to prove at least 3 months work within the last 5 years specifically within the nominated occupation.

Applying on ANMAC website

Once you feel you are ready to apply, you’ve acquired all your work experience documents and your registration verifications where necessary, create a login on the ANMAC website and begin a Full Skills Assessment online.

Fill in all information forms as accurately as you can, input your payment details then upload your documents. Make sure you have evaluated your responses and feel everything is accurate before paying for your application.

At the moment processing times are estimated at 8-9 weeks however it can take longer so be prepared and proactive when applying. The costs for a full skills assessment is $515 AUD.

Assessment Process

The ANMAC assessment team will verify the information you have provided, contacting education providers and employers. If the information you have provided is insufficient you will receive an email from ANMAC asking for more.

At any time you can view the status of your application on the ANMAC portal using the login you used to file the application.

If you were successful you will receive an electronic copy of your Letter of Determination via email. This letter is valid for a 2-year period from the date of issue. This is your skills assessment and can be used for whatever purpose you need such as applying for an EOI.

If you are interested in acquiring professional help for your ANMAC MSA or for any Australian migration law inquiries, please contact admin@comandinimigration.com.au

All information is accurate as of the 5th of April 2023.

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