Italian Citizenship and assistance with Italian visas

Italian citizenship by descent

Due to the massive Italian migration, many Australians have Italian origin. In many cases this can result in the possibility to claim Italian citizenship and therefore, to obtain the Italian Passport!

There are several ways to obtain the citizenship by descent.

We are able to help you to determine your eligibility and to guide you through all the application process.

Reacquiring Italian citizenship

Italian citizens who acquired another citizenship prior the 16th of August 1992, have unfortunately lost the Italian citizenship. That happened even though they were not aware of it.

In this case, the Italian citizenship can be reacquired only by residency in Italy.

The procedure should last approximately 3 months and there are some steps to be taken prior to your trip to Italy. We can assist you in preparing the right documents which must be presented to the Italian Authorities.

Italian Visas

Australian citizen can stay in Italy 90 days without a visa.

How about you would like to spend more time or making Italy your new home?

There are many type of visas which can be explored depending on your needs and situation. We are here to help you finding the right one and assisting during the application process.


Please book a consultation with us and we can start assessing your case, which it might open you the doors to Italy and all European Union!